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Facebook quote of the day.

Posted by Kate on 8:48 PM
Direct from my keyboard.

"I shit you not, that just scared the crap out of me and my dog. I was minding my own business when BANG POW WHEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEOOOOOOOOO
OOOOOOWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW! fireworks in my front freaking yard."

Experienced Vocalist in the South Texas Area

Posted by Kate on 9:32 AM
(Still working on those vids.  Ipod shuffle takes questionable footage. >:(  )

Anyway, Experienced Vocalist in the South Texas area seeks band to make beautiful/ugly music with.  I schlep my own equipment and aid in setup/teardown.  Not interested in paying gigs anymore unless they come up.  Preferably something non-cover.  Also, I can play bass/keys/bad ass tambourine.

Just throwing this out there.  This weekend has put me in the mood to get back in the game.

Fun fun fun fest

Posted by Kate on 11:13 AM
WAS FUCKING AWESOME!!   We spent most of our time at the black stage with the punk rocks and the thrashy stuff.  Unfortunately I left my camera at home like a dumbass but I did get some short video footage that I'm trying to clean up right now.  FREAKING GWAR PULLED OUT SARAH PALIN'S GUTS!!  that was amazing.

And we saw the decedents.  omfg i got a little teary eyed.  that is one of the bands i thought I'd never get to see in my lifetime.   So sorry no picture. :(  but video soon!

Fun fun fun fest. (AWWWWW YEEEAAAHHH)

Posted by Kate on 8:43 AM
event schedual

This is going to be sweet.  Pix to come!  I'm going to fucking weld myself to that purple stage. :D

where'd she go?

Posted by Kate on 11:33 AM
She got eaten by NaNoWriMo and HTML.   I'm still making time to read blogs but posting is kind of slowed down for right now. :(  I'm balls deep in my novel right now and even though it's not that good, I really want to finish this year.  

Mebbeh I put my novel here as I work on it.  I didn't even have a good idea this year like I had in years past.  This year I decided to take the cheap lame ass way out and write the life story of my World of Warcraft too who I named after my friend Penelopi. lol

Anyway, my NaNoWriMo author name is Hookerella.

Famed NASA Astronaut confirms Extraterrestrials are here!, page 1

Posted by Kate on 2:18 PM
Famed NASA Astronaut confirms Extraterrestrials are here!, page 1

Posted by Kate on 1:05 PM
first post of anti hambeast is up if anyone is interested.

also, I haven't gotten to read anyone else's blogs this weekend but I'll get them all in this evening!

and lastly, durrrhhh....i dunno.  sorry.  this one sucked.