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Go go gadget finals!

Posted by Kate on 5:25 PM
Two down and one more to go tomorrow. And then....GRADUATION. Even though it's just my associate's degrees, i'm still pretty excited. After that, its as much math as my puny brain can handle. mmmMMmmmmm Math. Tastes good.

I'm also excited today because my brother-in-law is dropping his dog off at our house for a month or so. That dog is freaking cute and it will be fun to have another dog running around with ro-ro muffins. Apparently Baxter is resisting house training so we're going to give it a shot and hopefully their dog will learn something about where to eliminate from our dog. At least that's the plan.

I actually picked up a hook today and did some crochet. I'm making another toast purse. But a bigger one. I think I might actually make a toast afghan. Like a big one with real big fluffy stiches and then i'll make a pillow that looks like a butter pat. Tres cute.

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