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Posted by Kate on 6:45 PM
So my hobbies have had a bit of a changing of the guards. Its taken some things to the back burner if not completley off the table and other things back to the forefront of crap I like to do. Music has once again stabbed me in the fucking face so I'm going to let that simmer somewhere else. The hook, however, is a trusty and loyal friend who was there for me when the staves decided to crap on me. Oh dear sweet crochet hook, why did I ever put you down? Crochet hook, I love you. (crochet hook says, "shut up baby. i know.")

With that said, I'm cleaning up my cave of a craft room/office and preparing for market days in the fall as well as making myself a quiet and relaxing quiet to study in come the fall semester. That was a fucking long sentance. Right now my craft room looks...well....there's a lot of crap everywhere.

I have about five projects I'm working on right now. One is a comission and the others are for friends or jstu for the hell of it.

1. a case for a nintendo DSi as a comission. It really shouldn't take too long.
2. Amigurumi steak and beer for my cousin.
3. Covering my headphones with yarn and adding big fox ears. (almost done with this one.)
4. Afghan. (why god why?)
5. Open work hoodie. (again, why god why?)
6. Hats for a co-worker and friend.

The afghan and the sweater will be long term projects to do in between other more awesome projects. I just want to prove to myself that I can. Plus the yarn I bought for the afghan was on sale. ON SALE!!!! My yarn stash just keeps growing... lol

I've kind of ran out of crap to type here.


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