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Posted by Kate on 6:15 PM
So quit asking.

Oh hey everybody.  Bet you think I died.  Bet you think I drowned in a vat of mayonnaise and yarn while trying to recite my highschool alma mater.  wtf is wrong with you?  o_O  I did nothing of the sort.  I did have a wacky dream about that but there is no way in hell you could have known.  ...or could you?

Sorry, my mind is officially fried by stress and finals preparation.  I'm assuming that it isn't an isolated event and many people within 15 years of my age are suffering similar cases of "brain dumb."  I think I may have advanced brain dumb though.  I'm not even in "summer mode" where my body glues itself to my computer chair for marathon Minecraft/netflix/crochet time.  I'm thinking and looking forward to summer session classes. ^___^  Trig and astronomy then precal.  awwww yeeeaaaahhh.  And then calculus 1-3.  Then finally my upper division math classes.  The road to mathematical greatness is paved with stupid prerequisite classes.

Sometimes I think i'm much too old to be battling it out in college.  Fuck it.  I've got this.

Other news, i'm not sure if we're going to be at market days at all this spring.  I've taken a crochet hiatus for the moment and I have nothing new to add to our booth.  Just scarves and beanies right now.  Not good south texas items.  This summer will prove to be prolific.  I will crochet like a fiend to try and use up a bit of my yarn stash.  Plus, I have a ren-faire costume that needs starting as well as finishing.  I will be attempting to blind innocent bystanders at Scarborough Faire sometime this summer in a belly dancing type outfit. muahahaaaHAHAHAAaHAHAaAAahhh godIneedtoloseweight.

which is another thing on my summer of awesomeness 2011 list of shit i'm going to do.  Bump up my workouts!  i've already lost about fifteen lbs by cutting out shitty stuff and moving more.  fuck yeah.  I think I can actually jog again with out killing myself so that's going to happen now.  What am I waiting for, you ask?  FINALS, god dammit!  They need to be gone before I can enjoy anything.  I plan on being in the best shape of my life when I get to 30 next year.  Did I say 30?  I meant 25....

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