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Parasols FTW

Posted by Kate on 11:43 AM
I forgot about blogger! D:  Damn school got me busier than a hooker in spring.  Hooker in spring?  wtf?

I want badly to sew more.  i can either never find the time or the internet sucks up that time. Plus i always have trouble with my machine spitting string at me!   I want to make some casual Victorian-esque clothing.  Kind of like steam punk plus goth but with out the flair.  Plus I know I can't fit into anything pre-made so i'm better off doing it myself.

Ordered a parasol for the summer!!  I'm so excited to get it in!  Of course its coming from Japan and will take for frakking ever.  :(  I bought it on Ebay and i think it is tons cuter than last year's parasol.  If you're wondering what last year's looks like, just imagine any photo you've ever seen with a girl and a black parasol.  Thats the one.  Anyone who has ever bought a parasol on ebay probably bought that one first.  lol  Its really cute but I just got tired of seeing it with every coordinate that was black and just a little gothy.  ^_^()Oh goodness,  look at me!  Acting like i know what I'm talking about ^___^()

But a good parasol is indispensable in texas.  Especially if you don't want cancer and don't like getting tanned/burnt.  I usually only use them in the summer because thats the season when i go outside the most.    I love hearing "Hey, don't you know its not raining?"    and I'm like, "hey!  don't you know the sun hates the fuck out of you?"   Every summer, the sun and I battle.   I fucking won last year too.  I hardly got a tan at all and I tan so easily.

And its not that i'm anti-tan or anything.  Well kind of.  But its that: 1. I dont' like changing my makeup when I get tanned.  2.  I don't want skin cancer.  3. Its hot. :( 4. I look classy with a parasol and a matching fan.   So parasol ftw.

Rift (the game)

Posted by Kate on 9:37 PM
I started playing the beta version of Rift today.  I must say I love the hell out of it so far.  I think I'll dump WoW when Rift goes officially live.  Its just gorgeous.