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Posted by Kate on 8:45 AM
That's how I've been feeling lately. Now i don't like getting whiny on my blog, especially if I haven't posted in a while, but I've been melancholy. Oh lord... I tried to spell that "meloncholy."

I had to drop my trig class this semester. Four weeks just isnt enough time to master the material. I sincerely don't care if the other kids can do it. As an adult, I know my limitations and learning trig in four weeks is one of them. Three months in a normal semester? Oh hell yeah. Four weeks no.

Three months good, four weeks bad.

So I closed the door to the cafe cubicle and the people who usually barge in here to spread germs and get ice, are fucking confused and annoyed. I can see it in their pushy faces. It gives me the internal jolly lolz. I really can't stand some of the people that work in this building. They figure that if you're behind the counter slinging coffee, you are not only a subclass species but their personal butler/slave as well. (see also : indentured servant) they treat our cafe like their personal kitchen. It's bullshit. Especially since most of us are students who are working towards a life of not slinging coffee. Plus, those who aren't don't deserve to be treated like crap.

Fragmented and run ons abound!

Anyway, feeling all isolated and crap. I call my friends, all two or three of them (JE SUIS LE BUTTERFLY SOCIAL!), and no one answers. Text them and no one texts back. Kind of unnerving since I have le social anxiety for the phone and I wont call unless in have to. I live through text. Plus come to find out that my BFF made some sort of huge life decision months ago and said nothing about it. But I learn about it from someone else who accidentally let the cat out of the bag? Mad? Well yes, I mad! Will I tell her? Prolly not. Firstly because I don't want to upset her since her decision was difficult enough already. No sense in salting the wound. Secondly, in my younger years I became notorious for being a hot headed filly with a tendency to overreact or bombard a person with my opinions, sulking and bitching if they weren't adhered to. I've since dialed it back a bit. Now I'm an old mare who doesn't like kids in her pasture but doesn't kick or bite and as long as someone is giving me apples, life is good. (greetings from horrible metaphor land!) What I'm getting at is I don't deserve to voice my hurt feelings since it's my fault she doesn't want to confide in me anyway. The reason I'm isolated is because I can be hard to be around. I've got no one to blame but myself.

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