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El Orphanato (The Orphanage)

Posted by Kate on 3:01 PM
I love scary movies.  LOVE THEM.  And I'm really picky about them.  They either have to sweep me away with a story, scare the shit out of me, or make me uncomfortable yet intrigued.  Or just look really awesome.  This movie came really close to doing all four.   I didn't have the ever loving crapola scared out of me but it got pretty suspenseful from time to time.

El Orphanato (the orphanage)  is a 2007 Guillermo Del Toro movie.  It's in Spanish, which I love listening to, and its subtitled.  I usually don't watch subbed movies while I'm crocheting because I want to be able to follow a movie without having to stop what I'm doing.  I thought that since it was in Spanish, it wouldn't be a big deal since I know some Spanish and I can pretty much follow along.  In this movie, they were talking at the speed of light.  I'm sure thats what it sounds like to non-English speakers when they hear us speak but I was still amused.  Plus, we talk slow in the south.  lol

Anyway, the movie.  Wonderful!  It all had that washed out filter going for it.  Some people think thats over used but I love it.  I think its pretty and it sets the tone with out having too much cheese.  The music was alright as well.  nothing really special but it did well for the movie.    The acting was really good too.

The premise of the movie is basically a woman who comes back to live in the orphanage she grew up in decides to reopen it as a home for handicapped kids.  She also has an adopted son who has imaginary friends.  he ends up disappearing and then all sorts of creepiness ensues.  It does get a little slow in the middle but over all, it keeps  your attention.  I really loved the ending.

Trailer! :D

(every time i hear that voice, i'm reminded of pablo fransisco)

Over all, this is definitely a movie to watch if you're staying in on a Saturday night.  Its not too scary to where you can't watch it alone and trust your underpants to stand the test of time, but its scary enough to where if you cuddle up on someone, its understandable.   Watched it on netflix.

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