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Going out tonight. (closet lolita)

Posted by Kate on 8:13 PM
So i'm headed out tonight with my sister-in-law for some fun on the town.  I dunno what to wear but since I never ever go out anymore i'm thinking of going bat shit crazy and putting together a gothic lolita type outfit.  Now, as I've said before, i'm not actually hardcore into lolita fashion like alot of you are but I know what sucks and I know what ita is so I should be alright.  besides, I doubt there are going to be any 'litas @ the local bar so I'll be alright.  If anything, I'll tell them I'm a drag queen.  That usually works.

Anyhow, I've got this one piece dress with a nice flounce to the skirt, this kick ass waist cincher from ren-fest, and a lovely black petticoat.  Then I'm going to wear black tights, some lovely purple platforms, and this awesome half wig.

Maybe.  I might chicken out and wear jeans and a cute top.

EDIT:  On second thought, after brushing out my half wig, it looks terrible.  It was sitting in the back of my car for a while....  so nix the wig.

EDIT EDIT: I put it all on and it was actually cute for shit I pulled out of my closet but I chickened out.  LOL  another time.

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