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Posted by Kate on 7:31 PM
U Y SO HARD!?!?!  EVERY TIME!!! D:<  Seriously.  every time I try to knit, it looks like the cat threw up yarn.  *throws circular needles*  SCREW YOU, NEEDLES!!  I DONT NEED YA!

Anyway, I haven't updated in a while, as you may or may not have noticed, so this is going to be very hodge-podgy.  As usual...   Well here we go! :D

First off, I was in a WWII kind of mood so I watched "Hitler: the Rise of Evil."  I have come to the conclusion that all Lil' Adolph needed was more hugs from his Uncle/Father *shudders*, less coddling from his Mother/Cousin *shudders again*  and then in his early 20's just some constructive criticism of his paintings.  I think he would have been a little less war-mongery and...well, fucking nuts.  

"I can't paint the tress....DAMN!  I will kill everyone in the world!!"  -Eddie Izzard

Secondly, I bought a little gadget the other day and I love it. LOVE IT.    I don't know if you'd really call it a gadget because it doesn't have any electronic parts.  I guess it's a support tool.  Its a stylus by Griffin that's for your iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad.  Its an aluminum barrel with a hollow rubber tip that works on the touch screen.  Looks just like a pen except for the tip.  I have an iPod touch and it has enhanced using it exponentially. I can draw cute pictures on it like this!

And this!

Dem skillz.  I used a program that I found in the apps called Art Studio.  The free version is wonderful but i got the paid version anyway.  three more layers (Yes layers on your iphone!) and some other stuff.  Anyway,  this stylus is FANTASTIC!  Screen is less smudgy and its just a fun tool to use.   Plus, it was only like, 15bucks.   Win/Win.

OOOoooh!!  Spring Break is coming up and I'm so excited!  I'm going with a group to Sherwood Forest Faire in Austin and i'm just stoked.  I need to make another costume because I think we're going two days but if not, I've got a good costume already that will make it through both days.  Its not like they washed their stuff everyday way back when.  I'll be totally accurate! :D  We're going to be camping and I'm over the moon about that as well.  Mead, turkey legs, festivities, revelry!  It's going to be so much fun. ^_^

Aside from that, not much else.  School is school.  Taxing as fuck.  The weather is nice so as soon as I get my electical problems fixed, it will be vroom vroom scooter time! :D

Oh, San Antonio Reptile Expo this Saturday.  hopefully we'll find a mate for our Black Milk Snake.

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