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Plarn, The Fall, and Dr. Pithy.

Posted by Kate on 3:17 PM
I decided to make some plarn.  For those of you who are saying, "wtf is plarn?", I'll explain.  Plarn is basically plastic yarn.   You can make it out of plastic film.  Most people use plastic shopping bags.  its a great way to recycle.  

I had a bunch of plastic bags and instead of shoving them in a kitchen drawer, telling myself I'd use them someday, or throwing them away, i decided to make plarn! :D   And with this plarn, I made this:

hooray for recycling!

Plarn is a little hard on your hands verses regular yarn.  It doesn't have much give.  It sure is fun to work with though and feels so cool!  It insulates well too.  Especially with heated stuff.  So this coozie was pretty fun and I'll definitely do this again.  

Also I saw a kick ass movie with a few friends last night.  The Fall, which came out in 2006, is about a guy and this little girl who are in a hospital together.  Its set in the 1920's.  He's telling her stories to get her to steal morphine for him.  Its a beautiful movie.  Have some pictures! :D

The visuals are amazing.  And the costuming was FREAKING AWESOME.

that guy in the pimp jacket is charles darwin. ^_^

If you want to watch something that just stunning as well as a great story, watch this movie.  Its on netflix.  

Lastly, (oh wow!  center alignment.  ok.)  Dr. Pithington.  My other cat, Pithius, has a crap ton of nicknames like the rest of my pets.  Usually he's Pithy-cat.  sometimes he's Pithington.  This month, for some reason, he's Dr. Pithington or Dr. Pithy.  Her he is, hanging out in my supply closet, watching me while I hang out at my desk.

That shadow makes him look alot fatter than he is.  He's the most cuddly cat i've ever known.  You can cuddle up with him and put a blanket over him and he will stay there, purring his head off.  Sometimes he slobs out on the arms of the couch, his arms splayed out on either side.  Dr. Pithy cracks me up.

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Blogger Ada
January 27, 2011 at 7:20 PM  

The Fall! Excellent choice :D

And that is a fluffy cuddly cat omgggg

Anonymous Anonymous
January 27, 2011 at 7:23 PM  

wh00000 yeah recycling!! What do you do with the plarn after you're done, wear it? (Maybe you can make a tote bag and sell it on etsy lol)

The Fall is very awesome, visually and movie-watchingly if that's a word haha

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