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Working out/attacked by deer.

Posted by Kate on 1:27 PM
I'm trying to get my self a little more fit so I've started out with walking/jogging.  Its really more walking than jogging but with time it will be more jogging.  I freaking hope.  Anyway, I read you're supposed to give yourself a day between activities to let your body recover from whatever stresses you might have put on it during exercise.  Well I decided that was bullshit and I kept my three mile routine going for four days straight.

Bad idea.  The third day my legs protested.  I thought I was just that pain=fat leaving the body bull.  Fourth day my legs protested louder, sending a message to my brain to dig up that piece of info about waiting a day between work-outs.  I think I'm going to have to go by a rule of  "if you can't stretch the pain out, you'll have to give it a rest."   Because that's exactly what I was trying to do.  The muscles on the front and sides of my lower leg were stiff and unyielding and no amount of stretching and warming up was helping.  The last mile of the fourth day was at more of a limp and walk.  Pathetic indeed.  So now I know, rest between work outs.  I think i can go two days on and one day off.  more than that and I'm in pain.  *sigh*

I also was attacked by deer on the walking trail!  :D  Yay!  The hike/bike trail, which is really just a really long and wide sidewalk with lights, cuts through large pieces of unused land in the middle of town.  And since there are deer EVERYWHERE, they tend to hang out and cross the trail at night.  I was doing my thing last night, it was around 6pm and there weren't many people out because it was cold.  It was dark and I had my headphones on.  suddenly a tan blur dashed infront of me.  not like, ten feet in front.  more like RIGHT THE F*CK in front of me.  I could smell the earth from its hide.  Then with out warning, seven or eight deer just dashed in front and behind me, crossing the sidewalk.  I was in the middle of a deer stampede.   I almost peed my pants, it was so random.  These things usually avoid human contact completely.  They'll see you, long before you see them, and run away.   I'm guessing the wind carried my human smell far enough away that they didn't realize I was there until they were right up on me because they scattered right after passing me.  That or they're getting to the point that they realized there's a crap load of us and only one of you, i think we're safe.  Bizarre.

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Blogger focusing the lens
January 13, 2011 at 1:43 PM  

Back when I was in high school, during the off-season, we would alternate running/cardio days with weight days. You still had achy muscles on the third day, but after a while, the aches became bearable/actually kind of pleasant. You might want to try that in the future!

As for the deer...holycrap. We don't have anything like that around here anymore. The most I'll see on the bike trails is a snake that's been run over, or maybe an armadillo.

It must have been intense to be surrounded by deer. D:

Blogger Kate
January 13, 2011 at 5:15 PM  

@Focus- That's a good idea! I just stared back up in college and they have a weight room so I should be doing that. Just need to find me a buddy to go with me.

Run-over snakes? nuuuuuuuuu! *tear*

Anonymous Anonymous
January 13, 2011 at 8:56 PM  

This reminds me that I need to hit the treadmill... I have bad joints, so I really need to get on that! But it's so easy to ignore it until my knees start hurting ;0; keep up the hard work! It gets easier as you go ( or so I've been told.. )

Anonymous Anonymous
January 13, 2011 at 11:48 PM  

Those deers must have been POSSESSED

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