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wtf is wrong with my posting?? i can't type in the body!

Posted by Kate on 9:16 PM

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Blogger Kate
January 5, 2011 at 9:23 PM  

So i'll just do it this way. MUAHAHAHAA!! Ok, so I fell off the planet. I'm sorry. :( I also quit beauty school. And then I spiraled off into a lovely funk that was basically me holing up in my computer room, playing WoW, eating popcorn, and not going outside. When WoW got boring, started hanging out hardcore on 4-chan. and then....MINECRAFT. omfg, that game.

So now I'm pulling myself out of said "funk". I guess what really started it was leaving beauty school. Realizing that I was horrible at it and then having my teachers tell me, "maybe you should go back to college because you're not good at this" kind of made me sad. *bawwww*

Back to god damned college it is. Also I've vowed to cut my soda intake to one a day. So far so good. I've replaced it with Crystal Light which isn't perfect but when I can get off the caffine sauce, I can tackle the sugar monster.

I dont' even know how i'm going to get caught up with everyone else's blogs so I'm just goign to start from the most recent ones. FORGIVEZ MEH! I just felt so guilty about disappearing that I didn't want to update. :(

Anywhoo, maybe blogger will be nice next time I post and I wont have to do it in the comments.

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