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Fluff and Filler (92 truths)

Posted by Kate on 3:42 PM
I haven't done one of these in a while and I needed some filler today so here we go!


1. Last beverage: Tampico Mango Punch.
2. Last phone call: My mom called me yesterday
3. Last text message: I don't even know. My cell is dead right now because i'm too lazy to charge it up.
4. Last time you cried: ages ago.

5. Dated someone twice: yes
6. Been cheated on: Yes
7. Kissed someone & regretted it: no
8. Lost someone special: Yes
9. Been depressed: sure
10. Been drunk and threw up: ew yes. lol


11. Purple
12. Blue
13. Orange


14. Made a new friend: sure
15. Laughed until you cried: absolutely
16. Met someone who changed you: no
17. Found out who your true friends were: sort of.
18. Found out someone was talking about you: oh hell, all the time. I go to beauty school. if they're not rolling perm, they're flappin' jaw.
19. Kissed anyone on your friend's list: no
20. How many people on your friends list do you know in real life: derp...you can tell i stole this from facebook.
21. How many kids do you want: I'm not sure. i'm not ready to think about kids yet.
22. Do you have any pets: :D 1 dog, 2 cats, 2 snakes, 2 fish. it's almost noah's ark.
23. Do you want to change your name: mebbeh
24. What did you do for your last birthday: went to the beach.
25. What time did you wake up today: seven.
26. What were you doing at midnight last night: snoring.
27. Name something you CANNOT wait for: my brother's college graduation
28. Last time you saw your Mother: couple weeks ago.
29. What is one thing you wish you could change about your life: I wish I could travel more.
30. What are you listening to right now: my keyboard clicking.
31. Have you ever talked to a person named Tom: no. i don't think I have.
32. Who's getting on your nerves right now: nobody at the moment.
33. Most visited webpage: Blogger. or 4chan. damn you 4chan.
34. What's your real name: Kate the great.
35.Nicknames: Chicken Nuggets. (no lie, my husband calls me this)
36. Relationship Status: Married.
37. Zodiac sign: Leo! :D
38. Male or female: Female
39. Primary School: derp...
40. Secondary School: herp....
41. Highschool/College: Catholic Skool.
42. Hair Color: chocolate brown
43. Long or short: short.
44. Height: 5'3"
45. Do you have a crush on someone: teeheee i <3 bruce willis.
46: What do you like about yourself: I'm creative and I am really physically strong.
47. Piercings: three in each ear, my eyebrow, and my nose. ^_^
48. Tattoos: 3
49. Righty or lefty: Righty when writing. Ambidextrous otherwise.
50. First surgery: stitches in my face after i got the shit kicked out of me by a horse. wicked cool scar though. i like to tell people that my pimp hit me.
51. First piercing: Ears.
52. First best friend: Manders
53. First sport you joined: Soccer
54. First vacation: HANNA BARBERA LAND!!! WOOOOOOOO!
55. First pair of trainers: I had some high tops that I remember I needed help getting on. fucking 80's.

56. Eating: Sandwich, some cheese, soup.
57. Drinking: Tampico! wasn't this number 1?
58. I'm about to: go shopping with Ambarz.

59. Waiting for: the end of this survey.
60. Want kids: you're just repeating yourself...
61.Get married: please refer to #36
62. Career: yes please.

63. Lips or eyes: Eyes
64.Hugs or kisses: hug
65.Shorter or taller: I wish i was a little bit taller (i wish i was a baller. i wish i had a girl who looked good, I would call her.) sorry. that was rather old skool.
66. Older or Younger: older
67.Nice stomach or nice arms: for me or on someone else? on me, nice stomach. on someone else, nice arms.
68. Sensitive or loud: neither.
69. Hook-up or relationship: relationship

70. Kissed a stranger: yes
71. Drank hard liquor: yell yes.
72. Lost glasses/contacts: damn yes. :(
73. Given a phone number to a stranger: yar
74. Broken someone's heart: yep.
75. Been arrested: no
76. Turned someone down: yep
77. Cried when someone died: sure
78. Fallen for a friend: no

79. Yourself: mostly
80. Miracles: sure
81. Love at first sight: ew no.
82. Heaven: yes and no.
83. Santa Clause: no
84. Kiss on the first date: it depends on how the date went.
85. Angels: not sure

86. Had more than 1 girlfriend/boyfriend at a time: teeheee (:< yes. but it wasn't cheating. we had an open relationship.
87. Did you sing today: yeah. when i'm "in the zone" at school, i sing to myself.
88. Ever cheated on somebody: once. felt bad, man.
89. If you could go back in time, how far would you go: I don't think I would.
90. The moment you would choose to relive: I used to sing in a band and once we had this new year's show. It was amazing. everything was perfect. the venue, the crowd, the setlist, the sound! it was the best night ever. i miss singing so much. ):
91. Are you afraid of falling in love: no
92. Are you afraid of posting this as 100 truths: of course. that would be a lie.

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Blogger razortek
October 27, 2010 at 3:48 PM  

lol nice list xD

Blogger EVolz
October 27, 2010 at 4:39 PM  

Haha, how crazy! I was just thinking of doing one of these!

Blogger Mikey
October 27, 2010 at 6:06 PM  

I see way to many of these on facebook lol

Blogger Lallafa
October 27, 2010 at 6:27 PM  

Gonna do this too haha...Nice to have a blorg in the basket.

Anonymous Anonymous
October 27, 2010 at 11:36 PM  

Whoa, beauty school sounds harsh XD

#86 o_o

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